Secure On Demand Remote Support

Do you need a quick solution to a technical problem? With our live remote-assistance tool, a member of our support team can view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard to get you on your way to a solution.

Remote Support Sign On

Pricing and Other Common Questions

Remote Support Pricing is as follows:
$50 for the first 30 minutes of support.
$25 for each additional 15 minutes.

Remote Support Guarantee: If we cannot solve your problem with our remote support tool and we have to come out. We will credit your Remote Support Fee towards your On Site Service call.

Q: How does this service work?
A: Once you connect to the service, you are prompted to download a small, self-installing plug-in, which allows your support representative to view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard. At any time during a support session, you can take control of your computer just by moving your mouse. You will be in charge at all times.

Q: Can my support representative look through files without my knowledge?
A: Absolutely not. Your representative sees only what you see and whatever you permit him or her to see on your computer screen. Before your support representative views your screen, he or she will first ask your permission and request that you close all documents containing private information.

Q: How is security maintained?
A: At the beginning of a screen-sharing session, you and your support representative are connected via a communication server. The screen data that is passed between you and your support representative during a session is highly compressed using proprietary technology that can be viewed only with GoToAssist software. This data is also encrypted using 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption. Privacy principles are TRUSTe compliant. After the session has ended, your support representative can no longer see your screen or access your computer unless you make another explicit request for support.

Q: What are the minimum requirements for my computer and Internet connection?
A: For your support representative to view your desktop, your computer should meet these requirements:
· Hi-Speed Internet Connection
· Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP, Vista and 7; MAC OSX 10.4 +
· Internet Explorer 6.0 (PC), Mozilla Firefox (PC and MAC), Apple Safari (Mac)